In the Cave of Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin: Chef de Caves Dominiques Demarville (right) and his predecessors Jaques Péters and Charles Delhayes
From the backdoor into the heart of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin in Reimes
Tasting at Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
The hands of Charles Delhayes held thousands of glasses of Champagne
Charles Delhayes, former Chef de Cave of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
Dominiques Demarville, Chef de Caves of of Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
The Gimonnet brothers looking at the chapel St. Nicaise in Cuis
Didier and Olivier Gimonnet tasting their famous Blanc de Blancs Champagne
The Coen-Brothers of Champagne: Didier and Olivier Gimonnet
The entrance of Champagne Mailly Grand Crus
Hervé Dantan former long term Chef de Cave of Champagne Mailly Grand Crus between small plates representing the plots of Mailly Grand Crus
Champagne sur lattes in the caves of Champagne Mailly Grand Crus
Jeanne d'Arc in front of the Cathedral Of Reimes, one of my favorite pictures in the "Champagnermacher"-Series
Champagne Krug means self-confidence. Olivier Krug represents Krug
Krug is Krug and the thinker thinks: Chef de caves Eric Lebel
Krugs famous Barriques used for the first fermentation, in between them Eric Lebel
Julie Cavil, responsible for Champagne Krugs famous Clos du Mesnil
Harvest 2011. Julie Cavil oenologist of Champagne Krug, tasting the must of Clos du Mesnil
Vats in the Caves of Champagne Krug
Champagne Agrapart et Fils: Pierre Agrapart is doing the remouage (or riddling) in the traditional way by hand.
Father and Son: Pierre and Pascal Agrapart, Champagne Agrapart et Fils, Avize
Pascal Agrapart, Champagne Agrapart et Fils, Avize
Entrance, Champagne Joseph Perrier, Châlons-en-Champagne
Tasting, Champagne Joseph Perrier
Champagne Joseph Perrier
Jean-Claude Fourmon -Director- and Claude Dervin -Chef de Cave- of Champagne Joseph Perrier
That´s the way. Claude Dervin, chief oenologist of Champagne Joseph Perrier
The last of the mohicans of Châlons-en-Champagne in the caves of Joseph Perrier: Jean-Claude Fourmon
Warm Up for the pressing. The team of Champagne Jacquesson.
Pressing has to be processed quick to prevent oxidation, Champagne Jacquesson, Harvest 2011.
Stainless steel vats just to be filled, Champagne Jacquesson
Doing the analytics of the fresh pressed must in the cellars of Champagne Jacquesson in Dizy during harvest 2011
Mareuil-sur-Ay, Canal latéral à la Marne. After crossing the bridge you reach Champagne Marc Hebrart
Mathieu Kauffmann, and a bottle of Bolli
Mathieu Kauffmann loves to observe the sundown over the vineyards of Aÿ.
Mathieu Kauffmann, former chef de cave of Champagne Bollinger observing the change of light in his favorite vineyard "La Côte aux Enfants"
A bottle of Bollinger and Crayon
Mathieu Kauffmann former chief oenologist with a staff member of Champagne Bollinger in Aÿ
Harvesting at Champagne Jérôme Prévost in Gueux.
very french: Jérôme Prévost (right) during harvest 2012 in Gueux
Jérôme Prévost sniffing the scent of mash for his Fac-Simile Rosé
Jérôme Prévost preparing the mash for his Fac-Simile Rosé
Jérôme Prévosts motto written on a stainless steel vat
Jérôme Prévost in his cellar, a former air-raid shelter in Gueux
My first bottle of Champagne Moët & Chandon in the Trianon
Benoît Gouez, Cellar master, Moët & Chandon: "There is no automatic relationship between quantity and quality"
Champagne is healthy and supports your charme: Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave, Moët & Chandon in a room of the trianon, where Richard Wagner played piano far more than a hundred years ago
Bruno Pailard the Champagne-Maniac: Out of nothing he created his own maison in Reims.
Dinner with Bruno Paillard
The hands of Madame Paillard.
Bruno Paillard Champagne Rose Brut Premiere Cuvee
If you follow the Av. de Champagne from Chouilly to Epernay you pass this just before you encounter the big champagne houses
Crisp acid: Jean-Paul Gandon of Champagne Lanson
Jean-Paul Gandon of Champagne Lanson produces all his cuvees -7 Million Bottles a year- without malolactic fermentation
Jean-Paul Gandon serves a glass of Champagne after still wine tasting
Vin clair and his masters hands. Jean Paul Gandon, Chef de Cave of Champagne Lanson
End of a tasting, Champagne Lanson, Reims
Still fermenting? Alexandre Chartogne, Champagne Chartogne Taillet.
Alexandre Chartogne in his vineyards in Merfy
"It´s all natural" He doesn´t mind if a rabbit or a deer nibbles his newly planted grape vines. Alexandre Chartogne, Merfy
Alexandre Chartogne, Champagne Chartogne Taillet, Merfy.
Champagne Bollinger. Emptying the magnums after Bollinger type in-between-fermentation in advance of blending the final cuvee
Sophie and Pierre Larmandier nearly flying over Vertus
Sophie and Pierre Larmandier, Champagne Larmandier-Bernier in Vertus.
Blanc de Blanc in the hands of Sophie.Champagne Larmandier-Bernier in Vertus.
If the conditions are with you, the Clos de Goisses in Mareuil-sur-Ay delivers the shape of a lying bottle in collaboration with the Canal latéral à la Marne
Starting up Charles Philipponat and the Marne Valley and Cotes de Blanc behind him
Charles Philipponat from Champagne Philipponat demonstrates the position of the yeast depot
Chef de Cave of Champagne Philipponat Thierry Garnier and Charles Philipponat examining their own work
Tight grip: Charles Philipponat
The Consumption of Champagne empowers body and mind. Staff Dinner at Champagne Mailly Grand Cru during Harvest 2010
Waiting for her marriage. Reserve wines are stored in Magnums at Champagne Bollinger
The so called Agrafe is used to secure the cork in the reserve wines magnums of Champagne Bollinger. The cork delivers micro oxidation
After two or three hours alone in the Caves of Bollinger in Ay you get the first visions
In the caves of Champagne Roger Pouillon et Fils
Fabrice Pouillon, Mareuil-sur-Ay
Fabrice Pouillon in good shape. Epernay
Nicolas Jaeger. His family provides Alfred Gratiens Chef de Cave in the fourth generation
Fume without malo: Champagne Alfred Gratien, Epernay
Champagne Alfred Gratien, Epernay
Jean-Hervé and Didier Chiquet, Champagne Jacquesson, January 2012, Dizy
Jean-Hervé and Didier Chiquet, Champagne Jacquesson, Trendsetters.
Every year a new way. Jean-Hervé and Didier Chiquet, Champagne Jacquesson.
Headquarter of Champagne Jaquesson 68 Rue du Colonel Fabien, 51530 Dizy
Vallée de la Marne with Cumières
Jean-Pierre Vincent. Former Chef de Cave, Champagne Nicolas Feuilatte
Champagne for the world in the caves of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte
...and Nicolas Feuillatte´s new Chef de Cave: David Henault
Degustation, Nicolas Feuilatte, Chouilly
Dégorgement à la volée: Joseph Loriot
Father and Son: Joseph Loriot and Jean-Philippe Loriot.
Joseph Loriot and Jean-Philippe Loriot, Champagne Joseph Loriot Pagel.
Inhales the aromes: Jean-Philippe Loriot
He is a meticulous subterrestrial worker but also enjoys to taste: Anselme Selosse
Anselm Selosse and his favorite vehicle
Reinvented the development of Chardonnay in barriques, Anselme Selosse
Who knows what is going up in this mind?
One of Anselme Selosses barrrels. Domaine Jaques Selosse
Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Chef de Cave Champagne Louis Roederer: "Our Grapes from Verzenay compose the backbone of our Cuvées, especially that of Cristal"
Jean-Baptiste Lecaillon, Chef de Cave Champagne Louis Roederer: "Rosé Champagne is the wine which is most complex to compose"
Jean Claude Rouzaud leads the State-of-the-Art Champagne House Louis Roederer
In the Caves of Champagne Louis Roederer. Roederer Cristal: the lees form depots in the necks of the bottles in anticipation of degorgement.
A.R. Lenoble, Damery, treasury
A.R. Lenoble, Damery, Bottle with yeast still unbound, flowing free
Champagne A.R. Lenoble, Damery. Anne and Antoine Malassagne
the D22 just before you cross the marne, close to Damery